General Information

School Uniform for Wednesday and Thursday.

School Uniform for Wednesday and Thursday.

School Uniform In Winter.

School Uniform In Winter.

School Uniform in Summer

School Uniform in Summer

The school has a leading team of dutiful, truthful, tolerable, qualified experienced and hardworking teachers. The life of teachers set examples   of  sacrifice and inspiration.


The environment of the school provides the students all the equipments for their multi-dimensional development. The students are with love and care. They are brought up in an environment of value based education. To provide wide  practical knowledge science,  maths, with smart classes and science exhibitions, tours,   quiz contests are conducted.


General Instructions of the school are an important chain between school and parents.To make our students conscious,patriot,cultured and responsible citizen.The following Instructions are observed seriously:

  1. A school is a holy temple of Godess Saraswati.Whenever you enter in this,purity of mind is essential at that time.
  2. Smoking and chewing tobacoo,use of mobile phone etc.are not allowed in the school premises.
  3. Observe the notice board regularly .Scheduled holidays are declared by the principal only.
  4. Indiscipline will not be tolerated & strict action will be taken.
  5. Contact the principal for any dispute.Principal’s declaration is final in this regard.
  6. It is compulsory for the students to come in proper uniform and time otherwise he will be sent back to home.
  7. Students will be debarred from board examinations if the attendence is less than 75%.
  8. If the student is being absent for 3 days without any information then his name will be struck off from the attendence register, than re-admission charge Rs 300.
  9. Absent fine will be charged at the rate of Rs.10/-per day.
  10. Not more than 15 leave shall be granted in the session.
  11. Lunch box is essential for the students. There is no arrangement for half day leave.
  12. Guardians/Parents can contact the teachers in the school premises on the last working day of every month.Guardians can meet the teachers at fixed hours only.


Academic session would commence from month of April and would end in the month of march of the subsequent year.
There will be summer vacation from the mid of may till the end of June and a short winter break in the month of December /January.



School uniform is compulsory for all students, disciplinary action would be taken on non compliance of this rule .Parents should ensure that their ward report to the school aesthetically dressed in the uniform of the school as per the pattern on specified days.


Full white shirt with school monogram, grey pant, grey shocks, black shoes with laces white handkerchief, grey white belt.


Full white shirt with school monogram, grey pant, grey shocks, full navy blue sweater or blue coat with half (V-neck) sweater.
House wise T shirt & Trousers are compulsory for Two days(Wednesday and thursday).


Four buses arranged by the school would ply on fixed routes for pick-up and dropping the students. Student can avail the facility of transport on payment of the prescribed fee.


Various sponsored award/prizes are given to motivate students to achieve in academics, games & cultural activities. The students holding position (1st, 2nd & 3rd) at school level competitions are awarded at the end of the session with Rs 500/-, 300/-& 100/- respectively. Arrangements of regional awards based on the results of X and XII.

Regular timing to meet the Principal:

Summer timing – 7:25 am – 1:40 pm

Winter timings – 8:45 am -3:00 pm

Contact No: 9410601060